"I just want to thank you for your great bags!! Your bags have come in so handy with the start of school this year. I pack a BeviBag with my son’s lunch every day, when he goes to school. All they have there is soda and drinks full of sugar. I pack some home made unsweetened Iced Tea for my son in your bags, so this way I know exactly what he’s having when he’s away from home."

Lesley from Nebraska


"I took some BeviBags with me to the movie theater last week, and saved myself almost $30.00. I used to buy one soda for each of my kids at the movies. The can cost almost $7.00 a soda. But with your bags, I was able to buy one soda, and then pour the soda into your bags. I had one bag for each of my kids and I still had some left for me. I’ll never go to the movies without your bags again."

Janine from Seattle


"Your bags have been wonderful. Every night I used to have to clean out sippy cups, and no matter how hard you scrub, after a couple of uses, the cups smell terrible. I even tried the dish washer but nothing ever seems to get the smell out. Being able to use your bags every day, it makes my clean up at night that much easier. My daughter and I dropped all of her sippy cups into the garbage today. We are now sippy cup free!!!! :)"

A mom from Texas


"These are the best idea. My son is four years old now and he like to be independent. He gets his own snacks and his own fruit. But he was never able to get his own drinks because the gallon juice containers are too heavy for him. I don’t allow him to have juice boxes because of all the sugar. So now, I have some pre-filled BeviBags with Apple juice mixed with water, and I put them on the refrigerator door, so now my son can get his own drinks anytime he wants. He just inserts the straw and away he goes. THANK YOU BEVIBAGS"

Dawn from New York

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