Our Story

BeviBags® were invented by two special moms. BeviBags® were originally designed to help one of their daughters, Shannon, who was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome and Autism. Every day, Shannon took to school juice mixed with nectar to thicken the consistency in order for her drinking skills to be addressed. Often the hard plastic containers that were used to send the mixture to school became cracked and retained odors. The two moms knew that there just had to be a better way.

One day while commuting home one of the moms had a great idea. She called her friend and said, “What about if we invented a self fill disposable beverage bag, a bag that you could send to school with Shannon and then it could be disposed of?” She loved the idea. They discovered as they discussed this product that it would not only help Shannon but would be beneficial to anyone on a sugar, casein (milk protein) or gluten (protein in wheat, oats, rye, barley) restrictive diet.

Many Autistic children have their behavior affected by an allergy to casein and gluten. Sometimes if these items are removed from an Autistic child’s diet a significant positive change is noticed in their behavior. When following a casein and gluten free diet for an Autistic child you must be strict. BeviBags® would enable children on these types of diets to take special gluten free juices to school or to take soy milk.

Approximately 18 million people in the United States have diabetes. There are currently no sugar free juice boxes or pouches on the market. BeviBags® would enable children with this dietary restriction to take to school or sports game a no sugar drink and drink it like a drink box or pouch. BeviBags® would also enable adults with restrictive diets to take their specific drink to work, sports event, etc.

We are always striving to do what’s best for our families. The idea behind BeviBags® was born out of striving to the best for one of our children. BeviBags® allow you to pack the healthy choices that your child needs with them each day. You will find that BeviBags® are not just the “right” choice for school, but are the “right” choice for your child when at a sports game, beach, play date, pool or family outings.

BeviBags® hold up to 11.0 ounces of liquid and are simple to use... just


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