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Suggested Uses:
  • Send your children off with freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices
  • Prepare the entire week’s beverages ahead of time and freeze for safekeeping
  • Mix medicinal agents needed throughout the day
  • Bring a smoothie to work for a healthy snack
  • Carry your fitness powder with you to the gym
To Fill:
  • Remove BeviBags® from box
  • Fill with beverage below strawhole marking
  • Close zip seal by pressing two fingers on either side of the zip seal from one end to the other in one continuous motion
  • Check to ensure seal is complete
  • Store beverage until ready for use
When ready for use:
  • Remove the straw from the bag and unwrap
  • Puncture straw through designated straw opening on front of BeviBag®
  • Drink and enjoy your beverage
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